“A Blessing for Community”




Construction of Mother  & Child Health Centre Rajanpur

Muhammad Pur is a populated Union council situated at the distance of about 45 Kilometres from Rajanpur city. There was only one big hospital (Rural Health Centre RHC) covering the huge burden of about 50,762 population residing in surroundings areas. Despite of all other missing facilities, a separate ward and centre for the women and Children was the most challenging one for hospital administration. There was no separate place and pregnant women were treated in a one small room with no privacy during the delivery case.
Qatar Charity awarded Mother & Child Health Centre to District Government Rajanpur. The MNCH is constructed in premises of RHC Muhammad Pur in close coordination with district government and health department of Rajanpur. The MNCH facility comprise of; 02 separate bed wards, 01 Delivery Room (Labor room), 02 Rooms for Medical Officer (OPD Room),  01 Dispensary & Nursing  counter,  01 Store,  01 Scrub up room,  01 Sterilization room,  01 Corridor,  01  Hall, 01 waiting room and a separate lavatory (Latrine) block. Qatar Charity has also provided equipment to MNCH centre for facilitation of staff and Community.

 “This MNCH centre in RHC Muhammad Pur is now providing Mother and Child Care to the vulnerable communities of the area. This was a dire need of the area to established labor room with all equipments and tools which Qatar Charity provided to them. The communities are very thankful to have this facilities which reduce their economic and social vulnerable.