Earning Through Skills:




Mr.Irshad is a resident of village Moji Chattergam UC Banamullah and the only bread winner for the seven family members. Three years back, he was running a small shop of vegetable to bear the living expenses of his family. But unfortunately monthly income from the shop was insufficient as compare to the day to day expenses of his family. Day after day, his business was in loss and he was forced to take loans from his relatives which made his economic circumstances worst.

Qatar Charity is working in Leepa valley since 2010 with the aim of sustainable development through sensitize the local communities by adopting social mobilization approach. Due to QC’s strong social mobilization in this locality, it became possible that Mr.Irshad raised his matter in the community organization and shared his idea for improvement of his economic condition.

Community Organization Chattergam passed a resolution for establishment of veterinary medicine shop in their village and strongly recommended Irshad for the said Shop because he is an active member of this Community Organization. As Qatar Charity is working on different development projects, Small medium enterprises and capacity building are the main components of this programme. Through this programme, Qatar Charity provided him veterinary medicines for the shop; he started his business in his native Bazaar Hochri. This support played a vital role to grow up his business and made him able to return not only his debit to his relatives but also return recovery installment to QC. Mr.Irshad also participated in one month Community Livestock Extension Workers Training (CLEWS) which enhance his skill for animal’s treatment. Through this training he completed Deworming and Vaccination campaign within seven days in UC Banamullah and earn three thousands which are the external way of income. He shared his views “I am very thankful to QC for this innovative support which empowered me such a different way. Now i can not only run my business on self help basses but also to coop my financial problems”.