From hawker to shop owner




53 years old, Mr. Abdul Mula is the resident of Fateh Pur-Swat. He has poor livelihood assets. He is living with his three kids and wife in a single room at a shared house.

The Background:
Despite the concerted efforts he was not able to fulfill the basic necessities of life for his family. The generous people rare helped him with cash and in kind. His wife has some mental illness. According to Mr. Abdul Mula; from so many years my wife was so much depressed regarding her own house, good economic condition and for education of their children but I was helpless. I have spent more than Rs.1200 borrowed amount on her medicine.

The Problem:
Mr. Abdullah said, “I had a business to sell the boiled red beans (Lobya). That was hardly fulfilling our daily needs; I used to earn PKRs.40-60 (0.4$-0.0.7$)) per day, this earning could not support our family and I used to pray to ALLAH that please do something and change my business and increased my income at last, ALLAH listened to our prayer and send Qatar Charity to our village. They organized us and formed a CBO; I also got membership in the general body of CBO. During a meeting I heard the word Islamic organization and was much impressed and hope that soon through these people I will get some better opportunities”.

Support VS Result:
“After some meetings QC representatives came to me, where I used to set on earth and sell boiled red beans. They asked for some information regarding the possible entrepreneurships in a more sophisticated way like in a shop. I was hundred times sure that they will help me in establishing and restoring my business and I will be able to have my own shop. And they did it. They gave me PKR 10,000/- for the establishing of small shop. My wife and children were very happy on that day said Abdul Mullah. I can’t express my happiness in words. I continued with my old business but could not concentrate on shop (Krayana) so I left old one. I boosted my business that is now worth PKRs. 15000/- approximately. I have always prayed for those who help us in shape of Qatar Charity. Now I am sending my children to school they are reading in 7th, 6th and 5th respectively “I wish they complete their education and get jobs to eliminate our poverty”. (Abdullah Mulla)