Provision of easy, safe and instant access to water through installation of Hand Pumps



Chail Shagai is a small slum hamlet of the district Swat, situated on the bank of a stream, around five Km in south of the district headquarters Mingora. The majority of the residents in this area are associated with meager and low income occupations like masonry work and other unskilled labour. The estimated average household size is 5-7 persons/family and most frequently only one person is the breadwinner for  the family.

The terrain of this locality is sloppy and steep thus water flows by this area with accelerated speed and cannot be stored for drinking and other human purposes. This has resulted in great scarcity of water for the locals. Women and children in particular are subject to hard physical labour to fetch water upstream. For the reason, women and children are supposed to pay greater time and energy to fulfill their household needs like cooking, drinking, dish washing and fed the livestock.

Considering these harsh realities, Qatar Charity surveyed the locality of Chail Shagai. With assistance from local community, Qatar Charity identified eight potential spots for the installation of hand pumps. In order to ensure effective monitoring and sustainability of the intervention, on each step, Qatar Charity ensured full participation of the local community. It was ensured that the facilities provided by Qatar Charity are entirely communal in nature and open to utilization by the local community without any discrimination.  It was also considered important that local women and children benefit the most  so they can save their time and utilize their potentials for other reasons. 

As a result of our efforts joined by the local community, the people of Chail Shagai now have easy and first-hand access to clean drinking water. According to a community activist Mr. Riaz Muhammad “Access to clean drinking water has become more easy and less time-taking.  Before the installation of hand pumps in locality, mostly women and children  had to fetch water from far flung areas or they had to wait for their turn for long hours to fetch water from the nearby water sources.  Since Qatar Charity has installed hand pumps in different spots of this locality eighty  per cent  of the population now have easy access to clean and potable water near their houses”.We are extremely thankful to Qatar Charity for offering their share of support to the locals of Chail Shagai,” Mr.Riza  added.