From Relief Camp to Safe Room!

Rahmat Bibi, a widow and mother of eight children, lost her house to the devastating flood which destroyed 500,000 houses in South Punjab alone.
“I understand that I am not the only victim of this flood but I have lost everything,” she said while sitting in her single room shelter, constructed by Qatar Charity in a flood affected locality of Rajanpur district.
Rahmat lost her husband some eight years ago. The responsibility she inherited was too big for her but she had to assume the role of the head of the family. She somehow managed to survive with her eight children but the flood put her in an entirely unexpected situation, for which she was not prepared at all. She, along with her four daughters, had to live in the tent village erected by Qatar Charity. 
“We were provided with food and non-food items during our stay in the camp but I remained worried about my daughters. We were in dire need of a shelter,” she said.
Her eldest daughter Zainab said she is happy that they have moved into a constructed shelter from camp but she misses her mud house.
“I know, we will never get back what we have lost, no matter how little that was,” she said restlessly.
Zainab misses her house and the good and peaceful old days but at the same time she wants to convert the newly constructed single room shelter into a cozy house for her siblings.
Rahamat Bibi is one of over 3700 heads of the families who have been selected for the provision of shelter being constructed under the Early Recovery project of the QC’s operations in South Punjab.