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Qatar Charity Completes 3 Months Skill Development Course
( Arabic, English Language and Basic Computer Literacy)

Under its Orphan Care & Welfare, Qatar Charity is sponsoring more than 4200 -/ orphan children in different parts of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir ( AJ&K). The aim of this program is to facilitate a conducive and enabling environment for at –risk and vulnerable orphan children for their better nutrition, education, healthcare and coaching/mentoring. With a particular focus on female children of deprived and vulnerable families, a total of 1560 female children are among the beneficiaries of Qatar Charty Orphan Carea & Welfare Program. This program is implemented in the following two ways;

  • One to One or Direct Sponsorship:          those children who reside along with their families are provided financial support for their nutrition, education and the fulfillment of related needs .  In Pakistan , the Districts of Dir Lower, Swat, Peshawar, Attock, Rawalpindi, Islamabad are covered for One to One or Direct Sponsorship while from Azad Jammu & Kashmir , the districts of Hatyan, Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawlakot are covered under One to One or Direct Sponsorship supervised by Qatar Charity with assistance from concerned line departments and  local community and
  • Support to Orphan Care and Welfare Institution: Qatar Charity is supporting 07 well- reputed and experienced Orphan Care & Welfare Institutions. This include Khap Kor Foundation Swat, Pawarish Organization Swat,  Markaz Al Islah Marda, Ummah Welfare Trust Nowshehra,  Al Khidmat Foundation Attock, Muslim Hands International Peshawar and Wazirabad and SHER Society Khushab Punjab.

Alongside financial support, Qatar Charity extends support to the sponsored children by conducting different recreational and educational, health diagnosis and care services  coupled with provision of platforms for personal grooming and cognitive development.
In line with this, Qatar Charity, in collaboration with its Implementing Partner (IPs) , has successfully completed a 3 months course  for 200  sponsored children in the themes of;

  • Arabic language
  • English Language
  • Computer Literacy

This course was implemented in Swat District, KP in collaboration with Pawarish Organization, an Orphan Care & Welfare Institution  where a total of 100 children ( 16 female and 86 male children) and Khushab District- Punjab in collaboration with SHER Society where a total of 100 children  ( 40 female and 60 male) completed the course respectively. The age of the participating was from 9 to 15 years.
This course has enabled those children to step ahead in having access to advance level of Arabic, English and Computer Literacy. 

Hygiene Session at Bagh-AJK

Qatar Charity (QC) had setup free medical camp at “Al- Khidmat hospital” on 08th August, 2016 in Bagh where approx. 100 children were examined. A team of 04 doctors participated in this session and examined each child health and medicines were given to sick children.
In the end hygiene kits and pamphlets were distributed among the orphans and brief awareness session was conducted for mothers in order to create awareness regarding child’s hygiene. Each kit consists of soap, shampoo, comb, nail cutter, towel, toothpaste and brush.


Health Screening of Sponsored Orphans in Swat

Qatar Charity (QC) setup free medical camp on 22nd July, 2016 in Swat where approx. 100 children were examined in one day. Qatar Charity arranges medical camps time to time in various parts of Pakistan. The basic aim to these camps is to examine each child’s educational, moral and health growth. The team of doctors participated in this camp and medicines were given to sick children. “Wekhzalmay Organization” one of QC’s Volunteer organization cooperated with QC in setting up this camp.

In the end hygiene kits and pamphlets were distributed among the orphans and brief awareness session was conducted for mothers in order to create awareness regarding child’s hygiene. Each kit consists of soap, shampoo, comb, nail cutter, towel, toothpaste and brush.


Recreational Activity held in Rawalakot

This year Qatar Charity organizes co-curricular and recreational event for its sponsored orphan children in Rawalakot – AJK. This activity was held for 100 orphan children and their guardian on 29th July, 2016.
The aim of conducting such activities is to provide sponsored children a chance to participate in different co-curricular and recreational activities to enhance their confidence and enjoy some unique time out of their daily routine. Children enjoyed various fun activities, Q/A Session, General knowledge session during the day.


Distribution of Hygiene Kits to Sponsored Orphan Children

Qatar Charity conducted a meeting session on 17th April,2016 in Dar-e- Arqam School in Rawalpindi with Orphans and their mother and distributed 270 Hygiene kits among them.

Program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran and a brief introduction was given to the audience about the Qatar Charity. Later, speeches were delivered on the topic of importance of mother, Cleanliness in Islam, role of Orphan in Society. These speeches were given by principal of Dar-e- Arqam School Dr. Wasim Akhtar, lecturer Gazala Mumtaz and Union in charge of Jamat-e-Islami Mr. Zafar Mehmood.

According to Dr Wasim Akhtar, the objective of these lectures is to give Orphans confidence to excel in the society. The representative of Qatar Charity explains that these interactions with orphan is the primary responsibility of Social Protection Unit, Qatar charity not only assists the orphans financially but also try to organize recreational events for them.


Distribution of Scholarship to Orphans

Qatar Charity also organized another event on 14th April,2016 in Al Khidmat foundation KPK for the distribution of scholarships to orphans living in nearby areas. This event was attended by City Mayor and provincial General Secretary. Qatar charity distributes 126 cheques to orphans children. Since 1992, Qatar charity has distributed 4150 scholarships in different areas of Pakistan including Kashmir. Apart from this, Qatar charity also arrange events for medical checkup, recreational activities and picnic.


Qatar Charity Pakistan Celebrates Qatar National Sports Day

In line with Qatar National Sports Day, Feb. 16 2016, Qatar Charity Pakistan Office arranged different sports activities for the sponsored orphan children from Khushab, Attock in Punjab and Mardan District in KPK.  Qatar Charity and SHER Ghar Khusab, Aghosh – Al Khidmat Attock and Islah Orphan Care and Welfare Home collaborated in order to celebrate this day.

A number of 400 Qatar Charity sponsored  male and female orphan children participated in cricket, football, badminton, volleyball , basketball, swimming, hammer-throw, 100 meters race, sack-race and many other games.

The aim of celebrating such activities is to involve children in healthy physical activities and promote among them the spirit of meeting the challenges in life.


Qatar Charity has donated Topcon Operation Microscope to LRBT

Qatar Charity has donated Topcon Operation Microscope Model OMS – 800 OFFISS for Ophthalmology to LRBT ( Layton Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust) , a free Hospital for poor patients. The cost for the Medical equipment donated by QC is 132,000 dollars.

H.E Khalifa Bin Sani Mohammad Zarra , Deputy Head of Mission Qatar Embassy – Pakistan and Finance & Education Minister- Punjab Mr. Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman also attended the inauguration ceremony held in Lahore on July 11,2014 and appreciated QC efforts for building poor lives towards betterment.



Qatar Charity Pakistan Office Celebrates Global Orphans’ Day

In connection to Global Orphans’ Day, Qatar Charity Pakistan organized different activities with it’s sponsored children in different parts of Pakistan.
Qatar Charity and Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan have reached an agreement to build a Vocational Training Centre and Boarding House for the needy and vulnerable orphan and extremely poor students from all over Pakistan. The Hostel Building is being constructed at Aghosh Orphan Care and Welfare Institution at Darulsalam Colony – Attock District where Qatar Charity is sponsoring 200 orphan children for their educational, nutritional, shelter and other social needs. Mr. Khalifa Mohammad Tani Al Zira’a Charge De Affairs, Embassy of the State of Qatar graced the occasion and laid the foundation stone of the Hostel Building. Country Director Qatar Charity Pakistan Mr. Khaled Wakil was also present on the occasion. Mr. Khalifa visited different parts of the institution and met the management of Aghosh Attok and the Qatar Charity sponsored children. The children presented different co-curricular and sports activities. All the children were congratulated for their academic promotion, awarded with prizes and Health & Hygiene Kits.

Following the same, Qatar Charity and Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development – SHER organized a Medica Camp for it’s 160 sponsored male and female children. Qatar Charity, in partnership with SHER is sponsoring 160 male and female children for their educational, nutritional , shelter and social needs. Those children belong to extreme poverty-stricken areas of Sargodha Division in Punjab and their families cannot afford to fulfill their educational and nutritional needs. All the children were examined by qualified physicians, dentists and ophthalmologists. The children were advised with advance detailed examination and required medication. At the end of medical camp, all the children were provided with Health & Hygiene Kits for improving personal and group hygiene.

Besides this Qatar Charity organized an educational and recreational trip for its 160 sponsored orphan children in Rawalpindi City. Those children sponsored by Qatar Charity in Rawalpindi live with their families and they are supported for the fulfillment of  their educational , nutritional and other related needs. This occasion meant to celebrate the success of the children in their annual exams. Children participated in different educational and sports activities i.e. Tilwat , Na’at, Speech and in sports they participated in football and other sports activities. At the end of the trip , all the sponsored children were awarded prizes for their success and hygiene kits were distributed among them for a better understanding of  personal and family hygiene. Country Director Qatar Charity Pakistan and members for Qatar Charity Pakistan Social Protection Department distributed the prizes and hygiene kits among the children.
Qatar Charity is sponsoring above 3300 orphan children from different parts of Pakistan and AJK.