QC’s 20 years dedicated work on humanitarian ground has nurtured the seeds of hope for millions of families. Qatar Charity key objective is  to eradicate extreme poverty through improving means of  livelihoods. For this purpose, QC is working with the aim to build the capacities of local communities and seek the opportunities to generate sustainable livelihoods.

Qatar Charity’s approach is to work in collaboration with local communities and organizations to ensure that there is a sustainable socio-economic development. Qatar Charity strive to ensure development through active and meaningful community participation.

Considering this, QC has initiated its development programme in different region of Pakistan and AJ&K where the socio–economic conditions are crucial to the objective of poverty reduction, strengthening and promotion of livelihood for sustainable economic growth by adopting Integrated and People Centered approach. It includes:

  • Leepa Integrated Development Programme (LIDP)
  • Dir Integrated Development Programme (DIDP)
  • Malakand Integrated Development Programme (MIDP)
  • Rajanpur Integrated Development Programme (RIDP)

QC encompasses different sectors under its development programmes with the aim of strengthening of livelihoods. It includes:

  • Livestock
  • Agriculture:
  • Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)
  • Skill Development
  • Small & Medium Enterprise
  • WASH