Development :  

In Pakistan, agriculture is one among key source of secure livelihoods for the majority of population and also major contributor to Pakistan’s economy .Majority of the population is inhabitant of rural areas where agriculture is a dominant occupation and a source of livelihood.

In order to improve agriculture sector in rural areas, Qatar Charity has intervene in this sector with the two main objectives:

  • Firstly; build the capacities of rural farmer through trainings.
  • Secondly; provide technical assistance for the best use of modern technologies to improve their yield.

This consists of the following activities:

1- Training:

To built the capacities of rural farmer to improve seasonal crop production ,different training have been conducting by QC with the close collaboration of local communities and government line department along with the practical demonstration in field .

The agricultural related trainings almanac encompass

  • Land & Crop Management Skill Trainings:
  • Food preservation trainings
  • Kitchen gardening
  • Honey Bee Keeping Promotion

2- Agriculture Demo plots:

To educate the farmers, QC has been grown demo plots with close coordination of agriculture department. Agriculture department provided technical assistance to grow the demo plots while QC provided support the cost of the scientific method i.e. hybrid seed, pesticides, urea etc and farmer used land and worked for these demo plots. All the process is ensured by MoU among agriculture department, farmer and QC.

Consequently 13 Demo plots of coriander, turnip, kidney been, maize, wheat and honey bee boxes were established. Imported hybrid breed seed, modern & scientific techniques, urea and pesticide were used in the demo plots. Leepa is monocropic region; introduction of wheat plots has helped a lot to make it a poly cropic.

Two demo plots of honey bee boxes were also introduced for the people so that they can replace traditional Gaees with modern honey bee boxes. House women are quite happy and excited to grow vegetables in backyards, they became self sufficient in vegetable production and are using own vegetables. They are not only saving money spent on purchasing it but are also eating fresh. There was shortage of vegetables in the area and price was very high before intervention. Detail of demo plots is attached as an annex III.

Farmers of the Leepa have small land holding and limited financial resources. Most of the farmers do not have understanding or cannot approach the market for buying urea. To address this issue and on the request of agriculture department, Qatar Charity distributed 250 kg urea in 40 small farmers. After these intervention farmers established wheat plots for grain either for fodder purpose. So QC not only gave a direct support to farmers but at the same time involved indirectly in establishing 40 plots of wheat in the area