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Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)  

In Pakistan, the physical infrastructure in general and in disaster prone areas particularity requires a lot of improvement. Lack of proper planning, frequent disasters , lack of awareness and self help  are the reasons of poor physical infrastructure arrangements.  Agriculture production significantly depends upon the availability of sufficient water. To avoid water depletion and contamination issues, water storage infrastructure schemes are indispensable.

In this perspective, Qatar Charity has incorporated infrastructure expansion and improvement in its development programmes as an essential component .To ensure the sustainability of infrastructure , QC involves the communities on the basis of demand driven approach in all processes consist of

  • Resolution from Communities
  • Committees Formations (Project, Audit, Maintenance, Purchase)
  • Infrastructure lay out
  • Proposed Budget
  • Develop CPI digest
  • Construction
  • Sustainability (this process will display on website in the form of flow chart)


QC interventions has resulted in a positive  change in the existing infrastructure facilities predominantly adverse affected areas. This includes the 2005 earthquake - hit areas of AJK , and devastating floods of 2010 and 2011 including Valley Leepa and Bagh –AJK, Swat and –KPK and Rajanpur & DG Khan –South Punjab.

QC CPI construction interventions consist of

  • Water Irrigation Channels
  • Pedestrian Bridge
  • Hydo power plants
  • Water ponds

Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)
Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)
Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)
Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)