Development :  

In Pakistan, Livestock rearing is the common feature of rural life and also a fundamental source of income generation, fulfillment of nutritional needs and fuel consumption. Due to conventional  methodologies, this sector is poorly developed which adversely effects production of livestock and dairy development.

In order to address these issues, Qatar Charity is working in close collaboration with local communities and government line departments. It includes the following key activities:

1-Livestock Management:


Qatar Charity enables the people of vulnerable communities to use the resources in optimal manners ,improve the livestock health and production through capacity building. For this purpose QC conducts different trainings which cover different subject matters; i.e:

  • Livestock health.
  • Diseases caused by virus and bacteria.
  • Diseases caused by worms.
  • Vaccination schedule
  • Care of animal during neonatal, growing, pregnant and lactating stages.
  • Feed and some other management skills.

Restocking of Livestock:

The principle focus is to restock the lost livestock among the vulnerable families in order to extend first-hand support for the strengthening of the local communities, especially women-headed households to empower them by adopting modern livestock rearing methodologies.

2- Breed Improvement:

In order to introduce the improved breed of livestock in the targeted areas as well as increase milk production, Cross Breed activities are carried out through artificial insemination with the technical support and advice from the concern government line department.

3- Deworming and vaccination of livestock:

Deworming and vaccination are the essential components of livestock management .The basic purpose of this activity is to minimize the risks and to improve the health status of livestock .In addition to this, it will also contribute positively to the income of local communities. Qatar Charity is providing the possible technical support to achieve the set goal for livestock improvement.