Educational & Cultural Support
Education Uplift and Teacher training:
Education Uplift:
The aim of this project was to facilitate the process of providing a safe, responsive and child-friendly school environment to children and teachers in the earthquake affected areas. This includes construction of schools and provision of missing facilities i.e. chairs, tables and other teaching support materials to primary and secondary schools in Bagh District, AJK.
Fifty four (54) schools have benefited so far from this project with a number of beneficiary students totaling to more than 8300 ....
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Teacher training:
Capacity Building of Teachers
For the success of any educational system, teachers should be well focused, experienced and committed to continuous learning. To achieve the required results and cope with the ever changing teaching methods, teachers should be well trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge to create a very encouraging and conducive educational environment to help students retain properly whatever knowledge conferred to them by their teachers. In fact, Qatar Charity envisions a world where the school age going children are having access to proper education as being one of their basic rights .... Read more

Construction & Rehabilitation of Mosques:

Over the recent few years, Qatar Charity has constructed and rehabilitated mosques in various parts of the country especially in the rural areas. The majority of these mosques are utilized to provide informal education to children (boys & girls) in the form of what is locally known as "Maktab School". .... Read more
Construction of Community Welfare Complexes

Community Centres

Community centres usually play a vital role in the integration and development of communities. Keeping in view the importance of such institutions, QC has embarked on establishing community centres in different parts of the country. .... Read more