Educational & Cultural Support
Education Uplift:

All the support activities were conducted in liaison with the District Education Department. The whole intervention was carried out after a thorough Need Assessment taking into account the following:

  • Status and functionality of the schools
  • Assessment of the required facilities in the targeted schools
  • Verification of the data from the concerned line departments
  • Modification and approval

The schools were selected as per the following criteria:

  • Completely destroyed schools.
  • Schools never facilitated by any other stakeholder.
  • Schools without the basic education equipments.
  • Schools with at least one classroom.
  • Schools with proper security arrangements for the provided items.
  • Cooperation of the School Management Committees (SMCs).

The communities in the area have been sensitized as to fully participate in the project intervention through:

  • Emphasizing the participatory approach through community meetings
  • Activating and re-activating of the SMCs
  • Monitoring and support by the SMCs

The Government Boys High School Maldhara is situated at the extreme north of Bagh District at a distance of 18 kilometers from Bagh City. This school accommodates a number of 217 students and 11 teachers. This school was completely damaged in the October 08, 2005 earthquake.

"Our school has been assisted after the earthquake but later on nobody came to see what are the condition and the extra requirements,” says Mohammad Munir, the School Principal. "Our school has been supported by Qatar Charity and has been provided with all the required seating and teaching facilities for teachers and students.

The teaching process has been made easier and students are now studying in a more relatively sound and clean educational environment. They can now keep their clothes clean and healthy. We have been in no position to attain this kind of facilities and this support extended by Qatar Charity to these economically deprived and remote areas for the great cause of education is highly appreciated,” states Mohammad Munir.

"Students at this school are now having better seating and teaching facilities. The classrooms are currently in a more manageable status." The principal concludes that the community, teachers and students of GBHS Maldhara are thankful to QC.

















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