Hand Pumps:
Water scarcity and Water contamination are most potential issues in Pakistan as like other developing countries. It was found that sixty-five percent (65%) of the samples were diagnosed as polluted. The tests also revealed excessive quantity of chemicals in the water, making it unsuitable for drinking .... Read more
Health & Hygiene Promotion Campaigns in Schools:
Hygiene is something that is significantly highlighted in our culture. Taking care of one's own hygiene is relatively welcomed and appreciated in most communities. Taking care of hygiene and promoting good practices in this respect is a vital issue to be addressed in the EQ zones especially among school going children for the reason that they are the most receptive group if compared to adults .... Read more
Tube Wells:

Provision of Electric Water Coolers:

In some areas of Pakistan the temperatures during summer times make it difficult for students to concentrate on their studies. Public places frequented by people like schools, hospitals, mosques etc lack the required facilities of providing clean and cold water for drinking.... Read more

Water Tanks:

Construction of Water Tanks:

Provision of clean and safe water for drinking and other human purposes is of great importance. Use of contaminated and unhygienic water can result in a range of serious health problems .... Read more


Construction of Public Laterine :

To avoid open defecation issues on public places, Qatar Charity initiated its programme entitled WASH II. The basic purpose of this programme is to improve sanitation and hygiene situation of local communities.... Read more